Ida Maria & MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit

Yello! I've been playing with Norwegian singer Ida Maria for a while. She is completely kick-ass and it's been amazingly fun getting to work on her new songs this year. But... the main awesome news is that next week, on Thursday May 30th, Ida will be playing at the MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit at the Nokia Theater in LA. Not only is the event being held for a great cause- the organization has helped SO many friends of mine- but we get to share the stage with Stone Temple Pilots, Slash, and Duff. Anthony Kiedis is giving Tony Alva an award. Enough said.

You can read more info about MusiCares here. I'm super jazzed to be taking part in such a cool event and contributing to the cause!


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Today is awesome because...

.. two great records that I was lucky enough to be part of got released into the world! I love my job with Christina Perri, and earlier this summer we had the opportunity to make a Christmas EP that has now flown the coop and is available to buy everywhere. I'm really proud of it, and listening to it I think it's obvious that we had tons of fun making this little rad record. Oh, and did I mention that it's #1 on the iTunes Christmas album chart?! Or that the lead single, "Something About December", is also #1 on the Christmas singles chart?! What!!!!! Both are available to download on iTunes, click below to go check it out:

The Correatown full-length has been in the works for some time now as well, and I'm especially happy to see it get a full international release after all the hard work that has gone into it. The record has been amazingly reviewed accross the board, and I couldn't be more proud to have played on it. Again... it's available in record stores, or click below to purchase it on iTunes.

I hope everyone's Tuesday is going as well as mine so far!


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Home stretch

The last week of this epic eight-week adventure is upon us! It's so nice to be back on the west coast, California specifically. The last couple of weeks have included some truly memorable moments for all of us- and incredible show at the Gorge, easily one of the coolest venues in the country, was only slightly marred by crazy wildfires that made everything super smoky, and obscured the view of the gorge itself. We also had two awesome nights at Red Rocks in Colorado; the venue is stunning and would have been worth the visit even without getting to play two nights at this legendary venue. 

We are soon headed back to California, where I get to hang out some more with my sister, and of course play the Hollywood Bowl for the second time (my first having been a couple of years ago as part of Kylie Minogue's glitter explosion of a world tour). And next week- HOME!!!! 

My view from the stage at Red Rocks, CO. No further explanation needed.

Day off and museum outing in Bismarck, ND.

Encore! Photo by Philly Brentnall.

Hiking in the mountains in Montana.

... last photo of Red Rocks, I promise :)

More MT nature badassery.

Little CP totally crushing it as per usual. Holy smokes... lots and lots of smoke at the Gorge.


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Hey peeps! My latest road update installment for the kick-ass Girl Rock Nation site is up here! Woop woop! Go check it out for some inside insight into our weird tour lives. Happy Saturday!


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Eventually this tour will end....

... and being back home is going to be reeeaaaal boring. Until then, here's a little photo diary-style catch-up from the last couple of weeks of travels and shows. Four more weeks to go! Oh, I post daily on Instagram. You should check that out. See you there!


Ready for sound check!

Sweet post-thunderstorm run on the water in Cleveland, OH.

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville TN.

Post-dinner ice cream walk with Andy Frost in Roanoke, VA.

Johnny Hanson and I get to sing with Jason Mraz every night! Photo by the kick-ass Merritt Lear.

Epic arena show in Montreal, Canada.

We get to look at this every night! Jason Mraz's show rules.


Night-time is the right time in Nashville.

Stage action. Photo by Ryan Pavlov.

Tubes... they be needing replacing when we rock out this hard.


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